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Brendan McAleer, CEO, Dún Uladh, on Leadership & The Excelling in Leadership Programme

Brendan McAleer, CEO, Dún Uladh, on Leadership & The Excelling in Leadership Programme

We spoke to previous Excelling in Leadership programme delegate, Brendan McAleer, CEO, Dún Uladh, (Twitter style) who offered his insights on the course to support his leadership development.

For further information visit the CO3 website here: CO3 Excelling in Leadership Programme


1. Why did you sign up for the Excelling in Leadership programme?

My job had changed significantly as the organisation has grown over the last few years. I felt I needed to increase my skills inline with this growth and to take time to work on my own professional growth. I had never attended anything like this before. I was surprised to find so many people who felt the same on the course.


2. What was the highlight of the Excelling in Leadership programme?

I think the people I met on the course were the highlight, the diverse range of individuals attending, the speakers and the tutor, all willing to impart their knowledge and experience in an open and supportive way. Also the time away from the office and the group support provided space and motivation to take time to think about my organisations future roadmap. 



3. What do you think makes a good Leader?

A good leader must always be looking outwards and thinking of the bigger picture, thinking strategically. They must be courageous in their conversations and commitment to goals, inspiring for those around them and a great communicator who is able to get buy-in for their vision. But most importantly they must be able to trust and develop the team around them to deliver that vision.    



4. If there is one word you could use to describe your leadership, what would it be?

Previous to attending this course I think my answer to this would have been different, however looking back at what came from the 360 exercise and the leadership insights I need to use two words, pace-setting and vision.



5. What would you say to other people who are thinking about signing up to the Excelling in Leadership programme?

Without doubt I would recommend this programme, you will definitely gain new skills and ways of working. You will hold a mirror up to yourself and your leadership style, gaining an insight into, and recognising your own strengths and that of your team, learning how to put these into best practice. You will also meet a great group of like-minded individuals.





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