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CO3 interview Norman Carson, winner of the 2018 Trustee of the Year Award, to find out what winning the Award meant to him

CO3 interview Norman Carson, winner of the 2018 Trustee of the Year Award, to find out what winning the Award meant to him


1. What did winning the Trustee of the Year Award mean to you?

After I recovered from the genuine shock when my name was read out, the impact of what had happened became a true reality. I was delighted, considering the extent of the total charity sector and number of trustees throughout the sector. What an honour to be named as one worthy of the title but also a great appreciation of the staff and for the staff who "believe in me."


2. Would you recommend entering the CO3 Leadership Awards?

I would highly recommend to all appropriate leaders in various categories - enter the awards! It gives staff in organisations an opportunity to recognise the leader but, through publicity, it is an opportunity for the 3rd sector, supported by CO3 to demonstrate how strong the sector is and the high calibre of staff it employs to carry out its vast array of services for the public benefit.


3. If there was one piece of advice you would offer to another Third Sector leader what would it be?


I firmly believe that the best asset an organisation can have, is it's staff. They are vital to the running of whatever charity. I therefore contend that all organisations should VALUE STAFF and treat them in a dignified and mature manner. This will help give loyalty by staff and ensure they perform at the highest level.


4. What motivates you?

My present concentration of voluntary effort is applied via Action Cancer. In it I have had various roles from trustee to acting Chief executive to Trustee/Chairman. I have stayed with Action Cancer as I believe in it's objectives and services it delivers for the population of Northern Ireland. It is being able to ensure services are provided and staff are encouraged and recognised, that keeps me motivated.


5. What do you think makes a good leader?

I believe that those in leadership need to understand the objectives of the organisation and something of its culture. When that is understood by leaders and "followers" i.e. staff in all roles, then the job of leadership becomes easier. The leader's job is to go out in front, knowing that all involved understand the targets/tasks. This could be quantified in for example, a corporate/strategic plan which has been agreed with achievable objectives.


6. What’s a little known fact about you?

In my early professional life, I was appointed as a Commissioner of Inland Revenue. I Know!! A long time ago - over 30 years.


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