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Kate Clifford, Director, Rural Community Network, on Leadership & The Excelling in Leadership Programme

Kate Clifford, Director, Rural Community Network, on Leadership & The Excelling in Leadership Programme

We spoke to previous Excelling in Leadership programme delegate, Kate Clifford, Director, Rural Community Network, (Twitter style) who offered her insights on the course to support her leadership development.

For further information visit the CO3 website here: CO3 Excelling in Leadership Programme


1. Why did you sign up for the Excelling in Leadership programme?

I wanted to check in with myself and my skills development after a number of years of having bypassed training opportunities. I knew I needed both the time and space to reflect on the journey I had been on as a Director. I saw the course and the programme outline appealed to me. Also Nora had been pushing me for a long time to sign up for it as feedback from others who had done the course had been remarkable.


2. What was the highlight of the Excelling in Leadership programme?


Time to think – time to reflect and to reaffirm the leadership styles, skills and talents you have as a leader as well as having an opportunity to know how to work on the areas which come less naturally to you. Access to peer support opportunities was invaluable.


3.    What do you think makes a good Leader?

Fundamental to the course was the idea of self awareness – knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and understanding what needs to change and improve and being open to trying new things and taking risks with your leadership. Being open to learning and adapting in different situations and with different people.


4. If there is one word you could use to describe your leadership, what would it be?

Emerging – I’m learning everyday!


5.  What would you say to other people who are thinking about signing up to the Excelling in Leadership programme?

It is valuable and important time for any leader and highly worthwhile. The tutor is excellent the course content is just right. For me the space and time to think and reflect is vital for anyone in a leadership role – in this sector we are often resource poor and as a result we spin too many plates and we rarely have the luxury to stop, reflect and make necessary changes – this course enabled me to do just that and it has helped enormously. You need to commit to using the learning and using the feedback to make changes once the course ends – the peer support groups and the training materials help you to do that.


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