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Meet one of our Keynote Speakers: Jehangir Malik, CEO Muslim Aid

Meet our Keynote Speaker: Jehangir Malik, CEO Muslim Aid

1. Introduce yourself in five words

Other than ‘Jehangir Malik, CEO Muslim Aid’, this feels a little cringe as I don’t like to describe myself, however, people have used the following to describe me: Passionate, Energetic, Courageous,  Empowering & Fun. 

2. What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

Very difficult to limit to just one milestone or key achievement. I feel very blessed to have been given numerous opportunities to serve humanity in personally responding to some of the most challenging and life threatening humanitarian crises around the world. From Bosnia in 1992 to Chechnya, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Darfur to Somalia, Syria and more recently Myanmar. Mobilising resources and creating an awareness of the plight of some of the most vulnerable around the world is my proudest moments in what is often referred to as a very ‘hostile environment’ to Muslim faith-based organisations. 

3. What do you think will be the biggest challenges that the Third Sector will face in the next five years?

  • Politically driven over-regulation and bureaucracy of operating environment;
  • Financing / Funding restrictions;
  • Hostile, overzealous and unaccountable extreme media outlets damaging reputation of civil society organisations;
  • Lack of simplified transparency and accountability of charities for laypeople to understand leading to further erosion of trust and empathy;
  • Inadequate or outdated governance structures and skill sets to manage the complexity of civil society organisations; and
  • Lack of evolution and adaption to changing environments.

4. What will you offer the audience at the CO3 Leadership Conference?

I will do my best to share my own personal experiences, reflections of personal journey of leadership in International Development in hostile environments. Changing landscape. Poor governance and its woes. Professionalisation at the expense of the mission. What it means to me to be a Third Sector Leader, driven by values and principles. The vital life line of ensuring Third Sector Leaders are connected to their purpose of existence and remain rooted and grounded. 
5. What is the best piece of advice you would give to a leader in the Third Sector?

Ensure that one is driven by a sense of purpose, a mission which is aligned to the organisation purpose and mission. Lead with integrity as a core value. Value your biggest assets - your team, volunteers and supporters. Keep the recipients / benefactors at the core of your purpose.  Do not allow extensive bureaucracy to cloud the purpose of the organisation and ensure that we measure success by not just income growth alone. 
6.  What are you most excited about for the conference?

The opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, challenge and be challenged and learn from other Third Sector leaders who are passionate about making change in society. 

7. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Un-tapping Potential’.  What advice would you give a leader in the Third Sector who wants to un-tap potential from within their organisation?

Un-tapping potential is a very profound and powerful philosophy. Every leader, Senior Team member has to connect the most valuable asset; its people to the purpose and mission of the organisation. Striving to achieve that connection, one will discover, unearth, the untapped potential within every organisation. Most people in organisations would like to be valued and add value to the organisation’s mission.

Establishing a fair, just and transparent process and system within each organisations enables the leaders to tap into the great potential of every single employee. Creating a value-based driven organisation will hopefully unleash the great potential in team members.


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