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As we look forward to CO3 Leadership Conference and Awards 2020 we wanted to take some time to catch up with a few of our 2019 award winners to find out what has happened since.

This week took the opportunity to catch up with Kirsten Kearney of ecs Films and winner of our "Leading A Smaller organisation" award 2019.




Digital Transformation

by Niall McCaffrey, Managing Director, ProAptivity

New technology has clearly infiltrated our daily lives. Unsurprisingly, digital transformation is buzzing within  the charity sector.

We are living through one of the biggest cultural technological shifts of our time.

Who Needs A Mentor Anyway?

by CO3 Mentor, Eddie Rooney

It seems like ages ago when my manager first suggested that I could benefit from having my very own mentor.  I didn’t react too well. 

For listening to all that were gathered,
certain that every voice we have mattered.

For walking the line between North and South,
a land big enough to hold every truth.

For seeing where past and present conjoin,
that we are all the sides of the same coin.

For displaying patience when we had none,
believing in words, instead of the gun,
we thank you.


For your wisdom when we were quick to blame

Embedding Wellbeing in Northern Ireland

by Aideen McGinley, Co-Chair, Carnegie Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in NI

1 April 2015 marked the biggest transformation in local government in Northern Ireland since the Local Government Act (1972) created 26 single-tier district councils.