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Investment Policies for Charities

By Adrian O'Neill, Investment Director, Investec Wealth & Investment Limited

Charities have asked us on numerous occasions about Investment Policies and what should be included within them.

Executive Coaching with Leah McStravick

By Leah McStravick, CEO,  McStravick i Ltd

So many people ask me what is the difference in business coaching, life coaching, performance coaching and executive coaching?
The answer is, executive coaching encompasses all of the above, but primarily we are focused on the individual and observing them in their environment.

Health and Social Care Matters

By Kate Fleck, Director, Arthritis Care NI

Health and social care matters to every individual whether you are developing policies, delivering services or championing causes - we are all service users and at some period in our lives will have need of that service. 

From a Cynic to a Mentor - A Personal Reflection on Mentoring

By Bill Osborne, Director, VSB Foundation

When I first started my working life in the mid-seventies I was for many years somewhat sceptical of the concept of formal external mentoring and perhaps viewed the need for a mentor as sign of insecurity or worse a lack of confidence in one’s own ability.

Are Board Resignations a Good Thing and to be Encouraged?

By Brendan Mullan, Principal Consultant, Virtus Consultancy

Generally speaking the existence, never mind the role and responsibilities of Boards, never hit the headlines until a Director or Directors resign. Recently the resignation of the chairman of the Co-Operative Bank played out slowly in the media and closer to home the resignation of a group of Directors at Sport NI attracted media attention.