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by Dr John Brothers, International Advisor to CO3

When I think of succession planning I always think about the story of the two traveling monks.  If you haven’t heard the story it begins with these two monks reaching a small town and where they witness a young woman waiting to step out of her fancy buggy.

Mentoring, Is it for You?

by Tracey McCreanor, Corporate Services Manager, CO3

CO3 has been delivering an Executive Mentoring Programme for almost 15 years, and to date nearly 200 CO3 Members have been supported with a year’s mentoring support.

Have you passed your best before date - the growth of leadership and social entrepreneurs in the NI Third Sector.

by John McMullan

When Nora asked me as I retired from my role as CEO at Bryson to produce a short blog reflecting on over 30 years of working in the N Ireland 3rd Sector, it got me thinking.  The first thought that came to mind was that I had perhaps reached my ‘sell by’ date but then it got worse; in extending the analogy, the ‘best before’ date come to mind – OmG; what if I should have retied some years ago; a sobering thought.

What a way to run a railroad!  Governance in the Third Sector

by Dr Roger Courtney, Courtney Consulting

Governance in the third sector is a most peculiar beast. The people with complete legal and financial responsibility for the organisation are a group of part-time volunteers, while the people who do the work of the organisation are usually experienced full-time professionals.

by Jim McShane, CEO,  Ark Housing Association

I hadn’t expected to be visiting Stockholm any time soon. My Swedish experiences pre-our CO3 trip were limited to several Netflix film releases and the occasional trip to Ikea. My knowledge and understanding of the history, complexities and interwoven dependencies that make up Swedish Civil Society would, as far as I was concerned, remain an unknown, unknown.

However, all that was about to change.