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What a way to run a railroad!  Governance in the Third Sector

by Dr Roger Courtney, Courtney Consulting

Governance in the third sector is a most peculiar beast. The people with complete legal and financial responsibility for the organisation are a group of part-time volunteers, while the people who do the work of the organisation are usually experienced full-time professionals.

by Jim McShane, CEO,  Ark Housing Association

I hadn’t expected to be visiting Stockholm any time soon. My Swedish experiences pre-our CO3 trip were limited to several Netflix film releases and the occasional trip to Ikea. My knowledge and understanding of the history, complexities and interwoven dependencies that make up Swedish Civil Society would, as far as I was concerned, remain an unknown, unknown.

However, all that was about to change.

1. What did winning the “The Leading People” Award mean to you?

The CO3 Leadership Award meant a great deal to me from several perspectives. 

Firstly, it was very reassuring and appreciated that Supporting Communities’ Chair and Board members felt that I deserved a nomination in the first instance & took the time to complete the application.  It’s always nice to be recognised for your role but especially from one’s own Board members. 


Say hello to Iris - our new member of the team!

With a growing demand for our Executive Recruitment Service we have added a new member to our team.  We chat to Iris Pendergast about her new role as Executive Recruitment Director.


Why developing your employees with apprenticeships is good business

by Caroline Bell, Business Development Manager, People 1st

As training providers, People 1st often speak with employers about the training they need for their staff.  A frequent dilemma for employers is around committing to training for their staff, only for those to leave or move on.  We counter this by asking them to consider the alternative outcome, i.e.;

“What if you don’t train your staff and then they stay!”