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CO3 interview Norman Carson, winner of the 2018 Trustee of the Year Award, to find out what winning the Award meant to him


1. What did winning the Trustee of the Year Award mean to you?

After I recovered from the genuine shock when my name was read out, the impact of what had happened became a true reality. I was delighted, considering the extent of the total charity sector and number of trustees throughout the sector. What an honour to be named as one worthy of the title but also a great appreciation of the staff and for the staff who "believe in me."


Kate Clifford, Director, Rural Community Network, on Leadership & The Excelling in Leadership Programme

We spoke to previous Excelling in Leadership programme delegate, Kate Clifford, Director, Rural Community Network, (Twitter style) who offered her insights on the course to support her leadership development.

For further information visit the CO3 website here: CO3 Excelling in Leadership Programme


What is Coaching?

You've probably heard people talking about coaching in the workplace. You might have even received some coaching in the past, or you might have used coaching to improve a person's performance, even if you didn't actually describe it as "coaching" at the time.

What is Coaching

The gurus.

Leadership and the Murmurations of Starlings

by Dawn Austwick, CEO, Big Lottery Fund

According to McKinsey or some other enlightened management consultants, 40% of what we Chief Executives do will be automated in our digitally enabled, AI-driven, global future. Hurrah — that’s 40% more time to spend on relationships, having fun, or heaven forfend, going to the beach. Having just read about a Swedish hospital where productivity and well-being went up when hours went down that sounds like a win-win.

Board Diversity and the Challenge of Bias

Diversity:  What is it and Why is it important?

Diversity is any factor that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. Our communities, workplaces, clubs and associations and educational bodies increasingly encompass a range of cultural, racial and ethnic groups. It is imperative that we celebrate, embrace and reflect this diversity.