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Chairs' Forum

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 17:30 to 19:00
CO3 Offices (34 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DB)

The Workshop will be a safe space for Chair’s & Vice Chair’s to focus is on what is good and not so good practice.  It is an opportunity to learn from one another and examine the importance of having a strong sense of self-awareness to lead the Board and support the CEO. 

The theme of the next forum will be "What makes a good Chair"

Being the Chair of a Charity has its blessing and its challenges.  Chairing is a key leadership role and Chairs make a huge difference to their organisation, either for good or for ill.

We are continually learning more about what makes a good Chair and through the Chair’s forum have created a niche space for Chairs from a range of charities to come together to share , learn and connect. At the next Chairs' Forum we will hear the insights and experiences of Kate Fleck current Chair of OCN.  Kate has held a number of Trustee and Chair positions and will share her experiences and insights to date.  At CO3 we work with Chairs at different stages, who are leading a wide range of charities of all shapes and sizes. The insights, combined with the safe space created through the Chairs' Forum provide have helped us identify behaviours and practices that help and those that hinder.

If you are a Chair or considering stepping up into a Chair role, the Chairs' Forum provides you with a wider set of peers and access to expert advice. 

To register for the forum please contact Rachel@co3.bz


Kate Fleck
Open College Network NI

Kate retired from employed positions in 2018 having worked as a National Director for health charities.  In her recent voluntary roles, Kate was on the Board of CO3 and chaired the Health Special Interest Group for five years retiring in 2018.  In 2017 Kate was appointed as the NI Trustee for the Family Fund and for the last five years has also been on the Board of OCN NI and Chair for the last three years.  Kate has a real interest in ensuring that whatever organization she is involved with has a robust focus on good governance and can clearly measure the impact they make for their beneficiaries. When Kate took over the Chair role on OCN NI one of the first things she did was have a 1 to 1 conversation with each Board member to assess their understanding of the organization’s business, their personal contribution and what did they want to achieve as a member of the Board.  From there they drew up a 3 Year plan to move forward to develop a Board that would meet the needs of the organization and could respond to the changing internal and external environments. As Chair Kate believes it is really important to keep up to date with regulatory requirements for charities and good practice for Boards as such regularly attends CO3 Trustee Network events and has encouraged all Board members to do the same.






Sarah Witchell


Virtus Consultancy

Sarah is a solicitor with experience in both private practice and the public sector. She is now acting as a legal and corporate governance consultant whilst also undertaking an MSc in Management and Corporate Governance. Sarah is currently on the board or in a company secretary role in a range of third sector organisations