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CO3 Annual Member Lunch

CO3 Annual Member Lunch
Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 12:00 to 14:30
Belfast Harbour Commissioner's Office, Harbour Office, Corporation Square, Belfast, BT1 3AL

CO3 is delighted to announce our 2018 Annual Member Lunch which will be held on Thursday 6 September 2018 at the Belfast Harbour Commissioner's Office.

The lunch has been kindly co-sponsored by Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers & Edwards &Co. Solicitors.

The theme of the lunch is aptly focussed on effective communication. The networking lunch will provide Members with an opportunity to hear from comedienne and communications expert, Nuala McKeever.  The networking lunch promises to be interactive, inspiring and provide some critical time-out to evaluate our own communication skills as leaders.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come basis, so please register early!

Please note this event is limited to Full, Associate and Trustee Network members only.   Please register by emailing sarah@co3.bz


Catch Yourself On!

A two hour workshop on effective communication

With Nuala McKeever

Communication. What’s it for?

When you boil it right down, it’s to help you get what you want –be that  information, advice, support, understanding, agreement, love, respect or extra helpings in the canteen at work. Whatever you want, the need to communicate effectively is the same.

So what holds us back? Fear? Lack of confidence? Insecurity?

All of those play a part.

So, do we have to wait until we’re somehow “better” people, in order to communicate well?

The good news is that no, we don’t. We all have the ability to communicate well. We all have what it takes, exactly as we are now. With a few tweaks! It’s not so much about learning new things, as un-learning some of the limiting habits we’ve practised until perfect, over our lifetimes.

Whether you want to make a formal presentation to a large audience; have the confidence to speak up at a meeting, or simply engage effectively with people in your life,  the same things work in your favour and the same obstacles hold you back.

With over 25 years’ experience of writing and performing comedy and a lifetime of interest in what makes us all tick, Nuala McKeever presents a lively, engaging workshop that will help you use what you’ve got, to get what you want!