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Effective Relations between the Chair and CEO

Effective Relations between the Chair and CEO
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 17:30 to 20:00
Cleaver Fulton Rankin offices, 50 Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7FW

When the CEO-chair relationship is strong, the organisation benefits from having twice as much talent at the top, each playing a distinct leadership role, and each supporting the other.

The board benefits by having a leader whose primary focus is on governance, maintaining ethical standards, and building the board into an effective team capable of managing everything from routine business to major crises. 

The CEO benefits from having a source of wise counsel, and an ally who may devote many hours outside of formal board or committee meetings to consultation with the other directors in service of the CEO’s agenda. 

This session will consider the essential ingredients needed to cultivate strong Chair- CEO relationships. 

  • Role Clarity
  • When the Chair is too strong or too week
  • The making of effective relationships – positive support and challenge
  • The extent of delegated authority and how its use is reported
  • Regular and effective communication that works for you both

Work on a chair-CEO relationship, creating a shared view of:

  • Strategic intent: what the charity is intended to do – its mandate, vision, goals, objectives
  • The business and operating model, capacity, strengths and weaknesses
  • The world in which the charity is operating: business environment, competitors, customers, current external forces
  • The future: expected (or possible) forces and events, and how these will impact the future path of the charity


In partnership with Brendan Mullan of Virtus Consultancy, we are delighted to offer a new series of training specifically tailored for the needs of the Third Sector Chair.

September - November 2018 | £75 per session or £280 for all five sessions as part of a bursary provided by the Halifax Foundation.

To register please email sarah@co3.bz or Tel: 028 90 245 356.



1. The role of a Chair in ensuring an Effective Board - 24 October

2. Annual Performance Appraisal – the case for appraising, the Chair, CEO, Board and individual Trustees - 7 November

3. Effective Relations between the Chair and CEO - 21 November

4. Building an Effective Board - 5 December

5. Strategic Direction and financial oversight of the Chair - getting the right information - TBC