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Stress levels up IQ levels down – Self Care for leaders

Friday, July 3, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00

Life has become incredible stressful, uncertain and challenging for us all as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.  Being a charity chief executive or director can be difficult enough at the best of times, but at present, we are all working and leading under the weight of a very stressful environment.    There are little to no boundaries between work and family life resulting in our inability to ‘switch off’ and are constantly carrying this stress with us. 

We all react differently in stressful situations and as a leader there are expectations that you will have the answers.  There is a mountain of research that confirms that stress blurs strategic thinking and lowers intelligence.  In this session we will look at ways in which to help manage and reduce your stress.  How can I best lead through this?  How do I support and get the best out of my team? 

Stephanie Harvie will lead us through techniques and suggestions to help reduce and release some of the stresses.

Date:    Friday 3rd July 2020

Time     2pm – 3pm

To take part you will need access to an internet connection and smart device or computer. You will receive the joining instructions before the event takes place

Technical support will be on hand from the CO3 team.  If you experience any issues or initial questions about attending virtually. Contact us


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About the Facilitator


Stephanie is an AC accredited Executive Coach with nearly 400 hours of coaching experience with professionals like you who are passionate about personal growth and development.  Stephanie has a background in business improvement methods, education, organisational design and development and brings all of that together into a coaching format to work with executives to support personal transformation. 

She has a keen interest in how the new stress norms can often go unnoticed in workplaces and how environmental and personal stresses affects executives by reducing the impact that they can make.  Clearly, your sector right now needs executives throughout your organisation at their best and Stephanie works passionately to empower dedicated leaders to achieve their best outcomes. 




Stephanie is one of the coaches involved within CO3's Coaching Circle.  Click to find out more.