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CO3 react to 2021 Budget
CO3 Leading Edge Programme 2021
Good Governance Awards Launch 2021
Interim Executive Training

CO3 react to the 2021 Budget

Read CO3 Chief Exec Nora Smiths thoughts on the budget

ILM Level 5 Leading Edge Programme 2021

ILM Level 5 Leading Edge Programme

Good Governance Awards Launch 2021

To mark the launch, we are holding a panel discussion “ Lessons on charity governance through a pandemic”.

Interim Executive Training

Two day programme 20-21 May 2021
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Interim Executive Training

Interim Executive Training prepares individuals to work with a Third Sector organisation on a short term basis, helping organisations to either manage a gap in permanent leadership and/or to provide additional support to a Chief Executive and the Senior Management team in times of need.

The bespoke training programme is available to Executives who have built up extensive experience working at a Senior Management level.   We are looking for people who demonstrate strong leadership, management, organisational development experience and the ability to analyse and effectively deal with organisational challenges.

CO3 have developed this training programme in partnership with the Support Center for Nonprofit Management in New York.

Download our Interim Executive Training brochure here:

Our Director of Business Development for Engage Executive Talent, Patrick Minne has recorded a short video below telling you about the programme. For more information click here.

Now Recruiting for the CO3 Mentoring Programme 2021!

For over 15 years the CO3 Mentoring Programme has been enabling members to benefit from the experience and knowledge of their peers, either from within the third sector or from the public and private sectors. So if you are thinking of making a positive change in your working life then why not come along and find out how you can get involved.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a highly successful leadership development tool because it is tailor-made to suit the individual.  The Mentee (person being mentored) is able to discuss issues/experiences in a safe and confidential environment.  The Mentor can share experience and best practice and provides a sounding board to the Mentee. At CO3, we know that by participating in the programme the leadership capacity of both the Mentor and Mentee is enhanced. 

When will it start?

The formal Mentoring Programme starts in April each year and runs for a full year. We will be holding a virtual Introduction to Mentoring on 10th March 2021. Details to follow.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Suzanne. (

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